About the Caraga Swine Industry Development Summit

Welcome to the 1st Caraga Industry Development Summit! This is a 3-day event that brings together swine value chain actors across Caraga, envisioning the start of "Scaling Up Swine Industry in Caraga Region"

This summit is one of the major activities outlined by the Swine Industry Development of Caraga, Inc. (SID-Caraga). SID-Caraga, a newly-established swine industry working group looks forward to address the industry’s most pressing concerns by creating linkages to generate solutions.

SID-Caraga’s formation is considered imperative to improve the situation of the swine industry in the region, expected to LEAD on the different industry players in coordination and collaboration with both government and non-government agencies. Moreover, the integration of SID-Caraga into the industry is part of the priority agenda of its 5-year strategic plan.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-funded Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP) and implemented by Winrock International, works to strengthen the Swine Industry Sector with the different Value Chain Actors and Business Players in the region. One significant strategy is the formation and strengthening if of the CARAGA SWINE INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT-WORKING GROUP, now the SID-Caraga, Inc., which was organized during the Swine Industry Workshop in Surigao City last April 2018.

To fully realize the 5-year strategic direction of SID-Caraga, Winrock-PCCP commits full support of the group’s endeavor through the conduct of the Caraga Swine Industry Development Summit.

Bringing together the value chain actors and players of the industry, and on a region-wide scope, becomes imperative to create the News Development Pathways of Caraga’s swine industry.