• 9,200 individuals benefitting indirectly from USDA funded intervention
  • 4,895 individuals (farmers and others) receiving short term agriculture sector productivity or food security training as result of USDA assistance
  • 4,506 farmers and others trained on improved agricultural techniques.
  • 389 farmers and others trained in post-harvest handling.
  • * as of March 31, 2015

The Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP) seeks to improve productivity of selected high value commodities such as high value vegetables, bananas, mangoes, livestock and fisheries.

The Caraga region has one of the lowest rates of economic growth among the regions in Mindanao. PCCP strives to change this outlook.

With vast fertile lands that can produce varied commercial crops and a long stretch of shoreline with untapped potential in fisheries and aquatic production, the Caraga region can be a future breadbasket of the Philippines.

The proximity of Caraga region to major urban centers of the country like Cebu and Manila make it a favorable shipping point to and from these markets.

Harnessing the potential of this region, PCCP works on interventions to increase yield per area and expansion of areas of utilization to increase agricultural productivity, especially the production of high value products.

Specifically, PCCP is working to:

  • Augment the project’s hands-on technical assistance and training;
  • Foster the development of small and medium enterprises, middlemen, and producers to enable more people and business to participate in national and international marketing as well as connect producers to input suppliers, and;
  • Support investments in infrastructure for cold chain development and inputs such as planting materials, integrated pest management supplies, post-harvest cooling technology and other supplies to reduce post-harvest losses.

The Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP) is implementing interventions to ensure production of high quality products in Caraga region that meet international food safety guidelines with the end-view of enabling producers to be globally competitive.

PCCP works on improved technologies to assure that products are reaching markets in the best quality and most profitable condition, adding value to the products, and opening up to higher value markets, and facilitating exchange of goods both local and international.

Specifically, PCCP is working towards:

  • Increased access to improved market information
  • Increased capacity of key organizations in the trade sector
  • Increased value added to post production of agricultural products
  • Increased adoption of established standards by industry
  • Increased efficiency of post-production processes
  • Developed new and strengthened existing buyer-seller relationship
  • Facilitate public-private partnership
  • Increased use of improved post-production processing and handling practices, and;
  • Improved post-harvest infrastructure
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