Winrock International - Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP), funded by USDA, works to support farmers and agribusinesses to increase the volume and value of sales of fishery, swine and horticulture products in the Caraga region. It does this through a number of activities and partnerships, involving skills, knowledge and technology transfer, increasing access to affordable loans, and increasing the range and supply of inputs. All have impact to increased production, productivity and quality of food that is produced. However, losses of food from the farm, at the market, in transport, in supermarkets, and by consumers, work against these gains. Food security, nutrition improvements, and the health of the people are threatened by FOOD LOSS AND WASTE. And the loss and waste go well beyond in what is lost in food. It is water, nutrients, labor, money- all being lost in food. See the statistics below.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Food Foolish authored by John M. Mandyck and Eric B. Schultz