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Event Idea:

The Cold Chain and Food Loss Summit + Expo is the last major event of the Philippine Cold Chain Project (PCCP), set on January 24-26, 2019 in Butuan City. The event is the first of its kind in Caraga which aims to bring together different value chain actors in food production industry, policy-makers and consumers alike in the discourse of giving value of food through improved techniques and cold chain technology. This 3-day event will use mix channels to attain the six objectives, which include plenary discussion, open forum, talk show, theatre performances, information and education campaign, individual and group contests and booth exhibits.

Event Background:

The Philippine Cold Chain Project is an ongoing program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and implemented by Winrock International in the Caraga Region of Mindanao. Now on its fifth and final year, it is just but timely to look at how the project has created impact and contributed solutions to present and emerging challenges in the food value-chain systems in terms of production, post-harvest handling and processing, and marketing, with the facilitation of cold chain systems and improved technologies. PCCP as an agricultural development model works to raise more awareness on one of the biggest challenges in the food systems, and yet considered as a lesser priority for local discourse and facilitation- the food loss and waste problem.  Caraga as a land abundant in resources both in farming and fishing is vulnerable to agricultural, environmental, financial and social issues that hinder, if not slow, the improvement of post-harvest processes, marketing and trade. As such, policy, strong implementation and coordination among public and private sectors play a big role in formulating solutions and moving people to action. Hence, PCCP brings to Caraga the Cold Chain and Food Loss Summit + Expo 2019. Both interrelated foci may be new to most Caraga constituents. Designed to bring new opportunities and facilitate discussion among stakeholders, the three-day event  will focus on raising awareness and present situational analysis on the occurrence of FLW in the region and how it interrelates to food security, climate change, food safety and food quality; change public attitudes and misconceptions related to food safety and cold chain; bring together food supply chains and systems actors and identify needs and opportunities for improved production and trade; introduce the advantages and benefits of cold chain technologies and the opportunities for financing such; engage both public and private sectors in strengthening existing policies that will support to reduced FLW, provision of cold chains; and provide a platform to coordinate planning development on improved cold chains.


  1. Raise awareness and understanding on how food loss and waste is linked to national level issues on food security, climate change and food safety; and the important role of cold chain technologies and practices in managing such issues.
  2. Change entrenched public attitudes, awareness and perceptions in relation to cold chain technology, food safety and food loss and waste.
  3. Bring together stakeholders and food supply chain actors to identify needs and opportunities for improved food supply chains, better cold chain management and financing provision for cold chain improvements.
  4. Introduce cold chain technology innovations, costs involved and benefits, and possible financing options for improved post-harvest handling and storage and food safety and quality.
  5. Engage government, private sector and other stakeholder’s support and enforcement of policies, programs, practices and investment aimed to reduce food loss and waste reduction, and improve food safety and quality.
  6. Provide the platform to coordinate planning and policy development to facilitate regional level cold chain system improvements

The Cold Chain and Food Loss Expo will continue until the 26th of January and is open to the public.